The LumiCal for luminosity measurement at the CEPC
suen hou1*
1physics, academia sinica, taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:suen hou,
The luminosity of e+e- collisons is required for high preciosn for the physics programs at the future Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) . The detector desion of a luminosity calorimeter (LumiCal) is presented for the luminosity precision of 10^-3 and 10^-4 in e+e- collisions at 240 GeV center-of-mass energy and at the Z0 pole, respectively, for measurements of Higgs bosons and Electroweak interactions. The LumiCal is designed with a pair of calorimeters detecting elastic e+e- scattering in e+e- collisions. The precision on detector assembly and measurements of electron impact position with silicon detectors are investigated for the precision required for luminosity measurement.

Keywords: high energy physics, e+e- collider experiment