Holographic Entanglement Entropy for AdS Black Holes
Hans Brynner Lao1*, Chia-Jui Chou1, Yi Yang1
1Department of Electrophysics, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
* Presenter:Hans Brynner Lao, email:hansbrynnerlao@gmail.com
The emission of Hawking radiation during black hole evaporation leads to an increase in entropy which is contrary to the unitarity requirement of quantum mechanics. From the HRT proposal, the holographic entanglement entropy between the black hole and the Hawking radiation can be translated to a geometric problem where we find the minimal surface corresponding to the entanglement region in the conformal field theory dual to the gravitational system. This leads to the Page curve of the evaporating black hole which is in stark contrast to the monotonic increase of entropy.

Keywords: Hawking Radiation, Information Paradox, Entanglement Entropy, Page Curve, Holography