Photodetector and p–n Heterojunction of Wide Bandgap NiO and Ga2O3 Epitaxial Growth on Muscovite
WEI-HAN CHEN1*, Ying-Hao Chu1
1Materials Science and Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
* Presenter:WEI-HAN CHEN,
Ga2O3 has an ultra-wide band gap and high breakdown electric field, it has become a brand new semiconductor that can be used in high-power electronic devices and ultraviolet light detectors. In order to fully expand its application in the field of optoelectronics, it can be achieved by using p-n heterostructures.
In this topic, we have achieved a epitaxial of the p-n heterostructure composed of wide band gap NiO and β-phase Ga2O3. We show that the nickel oxide (111) layer can grow on β-Ga 2 ö 3 (-201) films. The PN diode shows a large current rectification ratio of about 50 times at a voltage of ±100.0 V.
More interestingly, the photo current response curve of this p-n heterostructure was detected under a 1 V bias.

Keywords: high-power transistor, solar blind UV photodetector, p-n junction, high breakdown voltage