Building a Low Energy Portable Mini Magnet Cyclotron
Bing-Hong Pan1*
1Department of Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
* Presenter:Bing-Hong Pan,
So far cyclotrons have been used in many experiments of basic science, generating particles with extremely high energy to help scientists know more about how the Universe formed. However, can they also serve in fields closer to our daily life? As we know, the greater the size of a cyclotron, the higher energies the particles emitted can carry. What if we can build a device producing lower-energied ions which human being can benefit from, and it’s simultaneously small enough in size to be portable? This is the concept about a “mini magnet cyclotron”.
Like any of bigger ones, such a cyclotron takes Lorentz force as its working principle and requires several components including an ion source, a uniform magnetic field, a vacuum environment and a high frequency AC source. In this talk, the motivation of creating this device and its potential application will be mentioned. Measurements of uniformity along with strength of magnetic fields caused by permanent magnets are shown. The critical part, the ion source is also introduced.

Keywords: accelerator, cyclotron, magnet