Compact permanent magnet hexapole electron cyclotron resonance ion source using 2.45 GHz magnetron
Kuo-Yi Chen1*, Kai Yang2, Tian-Chun Niu3
1Research Center, Adnano-Tek, New Taipei City, Taiwan
2Chairman, Adnano-Tek, New Taipei City, Taiwan
3Design Department, Adnano-Tek, New Taipei City, Taiwan
* Presenter:Kuo-Yi Chen,
A compact permanent magnet hexapole electron cyclotron resonance ion source (ECRIS) is being developed. The ECR plasma is an equipment that uses electric fields of microwave to accelerate electrons. The external magnetic field is perpendicular to the window of the plasma chamber to make the electrons gyro motion. When the gyro frequency of electrons is equal to the microwave frequency, the electrons will be heated by resonance with the electric field of the microwave. If a 2.45 GHz magnetron is used, the magnetic field to achieve ECR will be 875 Gs. The Permanent magnet hexapole ECRIS is different from the solenoid coil used in conventional other ECRIS. In our research, both hexapole and the axial magnetic field are provided by permanent magnets. The microwave source is emitted by a common 2.45 GHz magnetron is used. We successfully feed microwaves into a plasma chamber with a diameter of 38 mm and a length of 70 mm. It is extremely difficult to fed microwaves with a wavelength of 122 mm in such a small volume. We succeeded in generating plasma in the discharge chamber by microwaves without pre-ignition. A good result was achieved that the Nitrogen plasma was successfully formed in the reaction chamber, and even if the pressure pumping to 5E-6 Torr, the plasma can still maintain over 1 hour. And the nitrogen plasma takes the shape of a Six-pointed star. The ion beam current is an important parameter of the ion source. We will use a Faraday cup to measure the ion current. The profile of magnetic field strength will be the measurement and uses to simulate electron trajectory. It is our goal to make the world's smallest electrodeless high-performance ion source. It may be used as an ion source for ion beam deposition, ion etching, ion implantation, ion beam microscope, and accelerator.

Keywords: ECRIS, Hexaploe, Ion beam, Microwave plasma, Electrodeless plasma