Testing Non-Newtonian Gravity with Gravitational Waves Detector
Miftahul Maarif1*, Yuki Inoue1,3, Henry Tsz-King Wong2, Harn Fung Pang1, Sadakazu Haino2,3, Fong-Kai Lin2, Cheng-I Chiang2
1Physics, National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
3High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Ibaraki, Japan
* Presenter:Miftahul Maarif, email:miftahulmaarif15@gmail.com
The remaining issues on possible of new physics that could show up as deviations from the Newtonian gravity, generally at atomic scale or even cosmological scale has been interest studies in the last decades. Here, we present the experimental possibility to detect the inverse square law (ISL) violation by using gravitational waves detector and gravity field calibrator (Gcal) in meter scale experiment. GCal has been used to improve the absolute accuracy of the estimated parameters in gravitational waves experiment. In this study, we propose a configuration of which the GCal not only being used for calibration purpose, but also used as an application in search of non-Newtonian gravity. By testing a null experiment of GCal configuration, we can also get the coupling constant beyond the current limit. We set Gcal in order to get the perfect cancellation of Newtonian gravity for the interferometer’s suspended test mass so that null experiment can be achieved. To compare with the previous results of a composition-independent experiment, we have to consider the α-λ plane, if it represented a single curve so it means that there is no evidence for deviation from Newtonian gravity. Also, values of (α, λ) above the curve are excluded by the experiment at 2σ level, while those below are allowed. The lower will be the corresponding curve, the more stringent the limit set by a given experiment.

Keywords: Non-Newtonian gravity, Gravitational waves, Gravity Field Calibrator