Deformation Dynamics of Active 2D Tetragonal PseudoCrystal
No Chen1*, Chien-Jung Lo1
1Department of Physics and Graduate Institute of Biophysics, National Central University, Jhongli, Taoyuan, Taiwan
* Presenter:No Chen,
The phase diagram and the collective dynamic of the circular active Brownian particle system have been well-studied. Inspired by the experimental results of high-density swarming bacteria, we simulated d a two-dimensional tetragonal crystal system with active Brownian particle rods to investigate the stability and melting process of this active pseudocrystal. We found that the stability of tetratic order stability is very sensitive to the packing ratio and the mobility of the particle. The active tetragonal crystal is a force balance structure, which is very sensitive to the lattice dislocation. In this work, we also observed the melting process of the pseudocrystal with dislocation deform the tetratic order structure. This system demonstrated a stable jamming phase can exist in the active material.

Keywords: jamming, active Brownian particle, two-dimensional tetragonal crystal, pseudocrystal, lattice dislocation