A Brief Introduction of How To Study Warm Inflation by Gravitational Wave.
Yihsuan huang1*, Chun-Ren You1, Chia-Jui Chou1, Hans Lao1, Yi Yang1
1Electrophysics, National Chiao-Tung University, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan
* Presenter:Yihsuan huang, email:aiydos6ueny@gmail.com
The fact of the origin of our universe is always the question that scientists keep tracking. Based on the big bang theory, how details of the inflation are when it happens only in 10-32 s. Nowadays we have some tools like gravitational wave detectors which can hear the voice from very far ancient, may provide a shed of light to reveal the mask of inflation. Physicists had already constructed the background solution of gravitational wave. However, the models remains some problems that cannot fit the assumptions perfectly. Our goal is to reproduce previous job and want to add temperature parameters, to see which kind of field and if this modification will give a better predicting result.

Keywords: inflation, gravitational wave, background spectrum