Nonlinear Hall effect in two-dimensional electron gases with magnetic field
Botsz HUANG1*, Ali G. Moghaddam2,3, Jorge I. Facio2, Ching-Hao CHANG1
1Department of Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
2Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research, Dresden, Germany
3Department of Physics, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS), Zanjan, Iran
* Presenter:Botsz HUANG,
In recent years, the understanding of the Hall effect is in the absence of a magnetic field and the berry curvature dipole is essential to drive nonlinear Hall effect. The anomalous Hall effect (AHE) relies on the broken time-reversal symmetry of Berry curvature and the external electric field. This work presents a non-linear Hall effect driven by an external magnetic field.
The test particle method is employed to trace its trajectory via semiclassical theory. Following the numerical results, zero Hall current $V_y$ is reproduced accurately with the time translation symmetry. When the time translation symmetry of magnetic dipole is broken, the high-order non-linear Hall currents are observed. Furthermore, the amplitude of non-linear Hall current is highly related to cyclotron radius and dipole width. The external magnetic dipole is available and is already implemented experimentally.

Keywords: nonlinear Hall effect, magnetic field, semiclassical theory